Team Leaders

Lisa MaentzExecutive Director
Eric G.Director of Operations
Debra L.Director of Business Services & Community Relations
Shelly T.Director of Programs


Andrew A.Adult Program Manager
Judy A.Operations Grants Coordinator
Maureen B.Career Advisor
Rochele B.Greeter
Alexxis C.Career Advisor
L.M. Pepper C.Disability Services Manager
Michele C.Customer Support Manager
Ari D.Resource Center Specialist
Niki G.Quality Control Coordinator
Cassidy G.Lead Career Advisor
Yiselle G.Career Advisor
Maureen G.Marketing Manager
Carey G.Career Advisor
Rand H.MCIP Program Manager
Keara I.Career Advisor
Don N.Business Account Executive
Julia R.Career Advisor
Tonesha S.Career Advisor
Angel T.Career Advisor